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How to survive a PhD journey to survive a PhD journeystring;#Octoberstring;#2017<p>​To earn a <a href="/PhD-in-Business-Management-and-Administration">Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Management and Administration </a>can be a very rewarding experience, both for your personal and professional life. But starting a PhD can be a daunting experience. How do you know that you will be able to balance family life, your challenging career and the extensive research that needs to be done?​</p>
The future of coaching future of coachingstring;#Octoberstring;#2017<div>​This year’s Leaderex was held at the Sandton Convention Centre in early September. It provided an opportunity for business leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs to learn about the digital future, explore career opportunities and investigate learning options. </div><div><br></div>
Make a difference with a career in development finance a difference with a career in development financestring;#Auguststring;#2017<p>​It is easy to associate development finance with finding ways to finance growth projects such as schools, houses and hospitals. However, browsing through the wide range of projects handled by the ​​World Bank Group alone makes for fascinating reading and gives one insight into the enormous need for development finance around the world. </p>
How to make difficult decisions to make difficult decisionsstring;#Julystring;#2017<p></p><div>Have you ever spent nights lying awake, wondering what decision to take, a decision that could have a long-lasting effect on your life, those nearest to you or your organisation? </div>
How can development finance help Africa grow? can development finance help Africa grow?string;#Julystring;#2017<p>​What financial tools do African countries have at their disposal to finance, say, infrastructure projects, small business expansion or household assets? Development finance expert Prof Charles Adjasi explores the role of development finance in supporting Africa’s growth.​​​</p>
Why apply for a USB programme early? apply for a USB programme early.aspxWhy apply for a USB programme early?string;#Julystring;#2017<p>​​​We are entering that time of the year when many people start to think about their future and what they need to do to find a sense of achievement career-wise.​</p>
Impress with a new skill set with a new skill setstring;#Julystring;#2017<p>No matter what kind of job you do, it is always a good idea to have a set of skills that will make you an invaluable employee in today’s world of work.​</p>