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​​Our ser​vices​​​

Director development programme

Director development at the Centre is driven by Dr Victor Prozesky and is offered in cooperation with USB Executive Development Ltd. Discussions with potential partners are taking place at the moment and more details will be posted as soon as possible.

In addition, the Centre offers customised director development programmes. Based on initial discussions and an assessment of client needs, the Centre can present a programme that comprises a combination of board assessment, training and facilitation of strategic thinking sessions.

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Sponsored Research

In addition to existing research aligned with the Centre's mission statement, it is possible to conduct clearly defined research projects on behalf of clients. Examples include best practice benchmarking, non-financial measurement and reporting and compliance with existing governance standards.

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​​Most of the individuals attached to the Centre provide consulting services, either in their personal capacity or through associated organisations. To avoid conflicts of interest, the Centre does not provide consulting services.​