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​Making Investment Grade: The Future of Corporate Reporting

New trends in capturing and communicating strategic value


Published by United Nations Environment Programme, Deloitte and the Centre for Corporate Governance in Africa (University of Stellenbosch Business School)

This report provides a collection of contributions from twenty internationally recognised experts in the fields of corporate reporting, investment and governance. It is published with the United Nations on the eve of the Rio+20 conference on sustainable development, where government and business accountability for pressing societal issues will be debated.

It provides perspectives on new developments in corporate reporting and communications, including new online innovations, in BRICS markets as well as the US, UK, France and Denmark.

It comes at a time when fifteen years of experimentation in sustainability reporting by leading companies world-wide is converging with financial reporting, signaling mainstreaming and new interest from the finance community amidst global resource and financial crisis events.

The report will help business leaders and professionals to assess future directions in the corporate reporting and communications landscape, including the positioning of integrated reporting and communications targeting the investment community.

Capturing recent benchmarking of leading global reporters and analysis by experts from Harvard and elsewhere on current trends in integration of sustainability and financial information, it provides a valuable resource for practitioners, specialised analysts and researchers.

The report provides lessons in regulation, for example from Denmark and China and, looking at what the future holds, provides thought provoking ideas on progress towards more transparent economies and use of stakeholder engagement to determine relevance.

With respect to governance and reporting, it confirms international interest in developments in South Africa as a leading example of a Comply or Explain approach, specifically to integrated reporting as a new tool at the top of the corporate communications pyramid.

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Making Investnment Grade: The Future of Corporate Reporting

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