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 Governance Committee

The functions of the Governance Committee are to:

  • Oversee fund-raising activities, and appoint a fund-raising committee, if necessary
  • ​Determine broad policies and activity areas
  • Determine research policy
  • Approve the business strategy and a business plan
  • ​Approve budgets
  • ​​​Approve risk management policies
  • ​​Consider reports and applications, and to provide recommendations to the USB and the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences, including recommendations in terms of recruitment and remuneration, and
  • ​​​Address any other issue that might impact significantly on the Centre.
The committee of the Centre for Corporate Governance in Africa consists of Prof Piet Naudé, Director of the USB; Prof Stan du Plessis, Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences, Stellenbosch University; Prof Bob Garratt (ex officio); Mr Daniel Malan (ex officio); Prof Philip Sutherland; Dr Minka Woermann; Prof Wolfgang Thomas; Prof Charles Adjasi; Thina Siwendu.​ Development Finance programmes+27 (0)21 918 of financial markets in Africa, international trade dynamics, economics, firm productivity and foreign direct investment ​,,%20Charles%20CV.pdf, Adjasi, Charles CV PlessisStanSU member: USB Advisory Board; Dean: Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences, Stellenbosch UniversityÉPiet Director: USB+27 (21) 918 4221 Ethics related to politics, economics and business, Naudé, Piet CV Research Committee Extraordinaire+27 (0)21 918 4295, Doing Business in Africa lecturer at Stellenbosch University Applied Philosophy