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Colloquia update: Under the leadership of Lynn McGregor three colloquia have taken place, kindly hosted by Old Mutual and the Institute of Directors (IoD). Two discussion papers have been prepared, one authored by Lynn McGregor, and the other by Sir Mark Moody-Stuart (edited by Lynn McGregor). Notes have also been compiled by Lynn McGregor on the third colloquium. The key issues that were identified during the first colloquium were:

  1. The need for a common understanding of the meaning and key principles of Corporate Governance;
  2. Developing a better understanding of and ability to handle cultural differences on the board;
  3. Establishing more effective working relationships between Corporate Governors and the Government;
  4. Building capacity at board level - enabling and broadening the talent pool;
  5. Addressing conflicts of interest between short term investors and long term sustainability; and
  6. Mitigating the impact of the global financial crisis on Africa, with special attention to South Africa.

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Improving Corporate Governance in South Africa by Lynn McGregor

Mitigating the effects of the global financial crisis on Africa by Sir Mark Moody-Stuart

Colloquium on Corporate Governance in South Africa