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How to apply

Before you start
  • You will be able to complete the form in steps without losing information.
  • The online application form consists of various sections. In order to process to the next section, all the information in the current section must be completed and accepted by the information management system.
  • The application process is the same for South African and foreign students.
  • ·It is best to use Google Chrome as web browser when completing your application.
Write three essays
Write an essay of approximately 250 words on each of the following topics (to upload in one document):
  • Competencies: Your achievements, de­veloped abilities and significant learning to date, and areas of competence that you still need to develop.
  • Career objectives: Where would you like to be five and ten years after completing this programme and how do you intend getting there?
  • Personal motivation: How do you deal with adversity and stress, what keeps you motivated and focused, and how do you intend coping with the additional stress that this programme will create?
The application process
Go to​ and complete the online PGD in Business Management and Administration application form by completing each of the following sections:
Section 1: Personal details
Section 2: Address details
Section 3: Work and studies
Section 4: Marketing
Section 5: Documentation
Upload the following supporting documentation:
  • Matric certificate (with proof of school-leaving mathematics results)
  • Certified copies of academic records (which must include a transcript of the subjects)
  • Selection test results (SHL)
  • Detailed CV
  • Motivational essays (see above)
  • Copy of ID (or passport for non-South African students)
  • Marriage certificate
  • Signed declaration form
  • Proof of application fee payment
Section 6: Payment
You need to pay your application fee and selection test fee.
  • Application feeBank: Standard Bank; Type of account: cheque account; Account name: US Business School; Account number: 073003069; Branch name: Stellenbosch; Branch code: 050610; Beneficiary name: Stellenbosch University; SWIFT code: SBZAZAJJ. Proof of payment of your application fee and SHL fee should be e-mailed to the cashier at
  • Selection test fee:  Make an appointment with USB to do the SHL selection test by sending e-mail to
Section 7: Status
What happens next?
Your application can only be assessed by the selection panel if it is accompanied by your completed online application form, all the supporting documents, proof of your application fee payment, and your completed selection test. The outcome of the selection process will be made known within 30 days or as soon as possible thereafter.
Additional information for foreign students
Study visa requirements for international students
All residential students who are non-South African citizens and are studying at USB require a study visa. Prospective students should contact their nearest South African Foreign Mission (South African Embassy, Consulate or High Commission), normally in their country of origin, to enquire about the requirements for study visas for South Africa. Applicants are required to present themselves in person so that biometric data may be captured.
Students from West Africa can also contact USB’s representative for this region in Nigeria while students from East Africa can contact USB’s representative for this region in Kenya. (See contact details at the back of the brochure.) All international students can contact the USB International Office for assistance at
All international students must hold a valid visa for their intended activity prior to entering South Africa.
Also note the following:
  • Obtaining a study visa from the South African authorities takes approximately 10 to 12 weeks from the date of application. However, some missions may process applications sooner. Sufficient time should be allowed for study visa applications to be processed.
  • Your study visa application should include a copy of the letter offering a place on the USB programme that you are applying for. This letter will be provided by USB’s Academic Administration once the application has been approved. A place on the programme must be confirmed before a study visa application can be considered by the South African Department of Home Affairs. Students should not proceed to Stellenbosch University or USB without a valid visa.
  • Although applicants are expected to determine exactly what they require to apply for a study visa, they can expect to have to provide the following, among others: a police clearance certificate, proof of medical insurance recognised in South Africa, a radiological report, a medical certificate, proof of sufficient funds, and an admission letter from USB. Your nearest South African Foreign Mission will be able to advise in this regard. The onus falls on the student to make sure that he/she submits a complete application pack.
  • All documents should be certified and translated into English before submission (in order not to delay the outcome of the application).
Payment of programme fees
Foreign students need to pay a deposit of 50% of the annual programme fees by acceptance to the programme and the balance prior to, or upon registration.