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Why do the USB's Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management?

  • To obtain specialist skills: This internationally accredited programme equips career project managers, as well as managers in charge of project management offices, with strategic project management competence to enable them to position their organisations to compete successfully in a complex and highly competitive business environment – now and in the future. In addition, it creates upper management skills.
  • To acquire scarce skills: Project management has been listed as a scarce skill on the South African National Scarce Skills List, and the demand for these competencies is growing.
  • To widen the application of your management competencies: This qualification enables you to use specialist project management competencies in all management and leadership roles, in all economic sectors, and in all types of private and public enterprises – including SMMEs, black empowerment companies, NGOs, medium to large organisations and multinational global players.
  • To create upper management expertise: Organisations require well-trained project managers who can manage the project management function as executive managers. This qualification will help you to acquire the upper management skills you need to 'future-proof' your career.
  • To take full advantage of future career opportunities: The need for skilled project managers at middle and higher levels has become one of the national skills and development priorities identified by both the business and public sectors. This need is confirmed by SETAs across various economic sectors.
  • To gain access to advanced learning opportunities: The programme opens doors to more advanced learning in the field of business, commerce, management and project management studies.
  • To contribute to the empowerment of the workforce: The qualification enhances the achievement of the country's black economic empowerment and employment equity objectives by building the executive management competence of managers from previously disadvantaged communities.