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​The University of Stellenbosch Business School's Career Services prepares students for meaningful career paths. The aim of our Career Services is to add value to your journey as a USB student mainly through assistance with your personal development (during the first part of the year), career planning and development(throughout the year), and the offering of career opportunities (during the second part of the year).

What we do not offer: Please note that the USB Career Services office does not assist students with job placements with employers. We merely put you in contact with possible employers through our programme as described in this section. 

Personal development

Students have access to services such as assessments, feedback and counselling, coaching and workshops.
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Career planning and development

BStudents have access to career planning and development activities, such as career planning sessions, mentoring and workshops - offered by the USB Career Services office.
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Career opportunities

USB exposes its students to potential employers at events throughout the year, such as lunch-time talks, networking and company visits..
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Latest jobs

Click here to see latest jobs available to USB students and alumni.
Click here to send job vacancies for us to post on our Career Board and web portals.

Contact us

For more information about USB's career development and career opportunities, contact Nothandi Magodla, manager: USB Career Services at 021 918 4187 or send an e-mail to:

Please note: 

Information on career opportunities and events are shared with students via e-mailers from USB Career Services and on noticeboards on the USB campus. You decide to what extent you would like to take part in the offerings and activities of our Career Services.

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