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USB’s Career Services
Value proposition

USB’s Career Services aims to establish and promote a world-class, globally distinguished career services facility with resources and services of equal standard.
The Career Services function contributes to the development of responsible leaders by engaging with students and alumni with the express purpose of empowering them to achieve their unique life goals and lifelong career success.

We are proud to be part of an African business school of global repute and we offer career services of equal proportion.​

Our division’s offering

USB’s Career Services is a centralised unit focused on empowering students to determine and fulfil their lifelong career goals by gaining knowledge of themselves, exploring options, gaining focus and taking action. As a department within the Human Capital Management and Leadership Division, USB Career Services provides career development and management support to students, alumni and staff.

The Career Services Development Model​

The four phases of USB Career Services’ career development model do not necessarily function sequentially. Individuals can enter any phase of the model depending on their life cycle or career stage and receive support and resources aligned with the phase. 

The four phases are: 

  • Know yourself
  • Explore options 
  • Get focused 
  • Take action
​Each phase equips the individual with need-specific knowledge:  self-knowledge, knowledge of options, decision-making knowledge and implementation knowledge. During each phase individuals engage in a guided process of exploration, focus, planning, decision-making/articulation, application/action and discovery.

Services to students and alumni

Students have access to the services below. Alumni receive these services at an adapted rate.

  • Career counselling / life coaching
  • Career planning coaching sessions
  • Career workbook
  • Psychometric assessments
  • Skills gap exploration sessions
  • Skills and self-development support 
  • Learning events (workshops and seminar calendar events)
  • Career opportunities (advertised to all candidates via USB job portal)
  • Job search support (CV resources; search support via online platforms; recruitment drives aimed at candidates about to obtain a qualification from USB or at alumni)​

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