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Personal development
Students have access to the following services:
  • Assessments: Students who opted for the SHL selection test, have already done the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ). During the early part of  the MBA, students do leadership assessments called the Leadership 360 and VISA. Other assessments (e.g. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) are made available to students at an additional cost, should students require this for personal development.
  • Feedback and counselling: MBA students receive free feedback and counselling after completion of any of the three abovementioned assessments with the MBA Leadership faculty. Feedback for students other than MBAs is concluded by external consultants (enquire at Career Services).
  • Coaching: Students are provided with a list of available coaches from USB's MPhil in Management Coaching graduates. Coaching is offered at reasonable prices.
  • Workshops: Students have the opportunity of attending regular workshops on, among others, personal branding, confidence building and networking. These events are free of charge. (Career Services' programme of events will be made available each quarter.)