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USB accepts the SHL or GMAT selection test. Both tests are recognised internationally. Contact USB to arrange to do the SHL online or contact GMAT at


The SHL consists of a verbal critical reasoning assessment, numerical critical reasoning assessment, inductive reasoning test and the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) on behavioural preferences. 

  • When and where: The SHL test is done online from wherever you have internet access. Once you have paid your SHL fees, you will be sent a link to do the test. To arrange this, please send e-mail to .
  • Cost: R3 150 (2018). Please note: You can only take the SHL test once you have started your electronic MBA application process, because you will need a provisional student number for payments and for SHL reports (which will be linked to your electronic application). The total therefore is R5 050 (R3 150 SHL test + R1 900 MBA application fee). Please see bank details below and use your provisional student number as reference. 
  • Book: Contact USB on telephone 021 918 4239 or e-mail
  • Additional information: Go to

USB’s bank details

Bank: Standard Bank; Type of account: cheque account; Account name: US Business School; Account number: 073003069; Branch name: Stellenbosch; Branch code: 050610; Beneficiary name: Stellenbosch University; SWIFT code: SBZAZAJJ. Proof of payment of your application fee and SHL fee should be e-mailed to the cashier at


The GMAT consists of three timed sections, namely an analytical writing assessment, a quantitative assessment and a verbal assessment. A copy of the results will automatically be forwarded to USB. The test takes about four hours. This test is not administered by USB.

  • Foreign students need to contact the Regional Registration Centre in The Netherlands on 0931 320 239 593. SA students need to contact Pearson VUE Professional Centre in Johannesburg on +27 (0)11 784 3093 or 0800 995 044 or at
  • Cost: $250.
  • Find more information at