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Leadership development on USB’s MBA

USB believes leaders are developed, not born. Therefore, each MBA student follows a bespoke Personal Leadership Development Journey in the Leadership Development Module. This journey focuses on personal leadership, relationship leadership and organisational or strategic leadership to deliver organisational performance. Ultimately, this module will enable you as a responsible leader to hold yourself, your teams and your company to a higher standard as custodians of society’s institutions and organisations.
The Leadership Development Module uses evidential theory and content to stimulate the thinking, learning and development of the individual as a responsible leader. The module involves you in the following:
·         Content: Faculty members introduce you to content through lectures, readings, interactive media, case studies and class discussions.
·         Process: You utilise a range of self-led learning and leadership development processes to strengthen and grow yourself as a responsible leader.
On this journey, you will acquaint yourself with the theory and practice of responsible leadership through:
·         Exploring and enhancing personal authentic leadership
·         Narrative learning
·         Experiential learning
·         Work-based and action learning
·         Reflective learning and confronting “knowledge” that is “not true”
·         Leveraging strengths and development potential
·         Cutting-edge research in neuroleadership
·         Addressing derailment risks.



Levels of leadership dimensions and competencies acquired on
the USB MBA’s Leadership Development Module

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